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Locality Bank Selects Swaystack to Personalize Digital Engagement

Locality Bank selects Swaystack’s personalized engagement platform to bridge the divide between new account opening and digital banking.  46% of newly opened accounts go inactive within the first year (Jim, Marous, The Financial Brand). With the cost of acquisition for new accounts well over $200, banks face a dual strain: coming out of pocket to acquire customers, while nearly half of those accounts go inactive. …

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Why I don’t have money with my credit union

A few months ago, I opened an account at a local credit union. A month later, I still hadn't set up online banking or direct deposit. When I searched my email for follow-ups or reminders, I found none from my credit union. Instead, I found 12 old emails from Chime showing me how to make the most out of my new Chime account. …

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Swaystack announces Personalized Engagement Platform to help banks and credit unions grow digital channels

In banking, 72% of consumers expect personalization. And 60% of banking leaders feel that they are behind the curve. We want to help banks and credit unions personalize how they connect with consumers online. Swaystack creates intelligent audiences - and leverages those audiences to drive digital campaigns through CRM and online banking. …

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