The complete digital engagement platform.

Optimize 60-day new account onboarding and next best action recommendations with Swaystack.

Swaystack connects to your data sources and delivery channels to send personalized campaigns

From data activation via recommended audiences to omnichannel journey orchestration, this is how Swaystack works:


Dynamic goal optimization

Campaign recommendations adjust as business priorities change.

Objective-driven campaigns

Tailored campaigns designed to align with your specific goals.

Deposit growth recommendations

Strategies focused on boosting your core deposits.

Goals - tell the swaystack platform what your goals are
Swaystack connects to your data sources and data destinations


CSV/SFTP uploads

Simplify data uploads, avoiding costly core integrations and launching campaigns within 30 days.

Data warehouse support

Seamlessly integrate with your existing data storage solutions for streamlined data access.

Anonymized data

Ensure privacy with data that contains no personally identifiable information (PII).


Intelligent audience segmentation

Leverage advanced analytics and recommended audience segments to improve campaign effectiveness.

Targeted audience creation

Gain valuable insights without manual list pulls, saving time and resources.

Continuous audience updates

Always on, no waiting - continuous audience targeting with no delays.

Intelligent product audiences for deposits
Review your campaigns - your audience, content, and delivery channels. All in the same platform.


Recommended campaigns

Launch campaigns in minutes, not months.

Optimized campaign templates

Use our expertly designed templates for immediate deployment.

Dynamic content personalization

Automatically personalize content for each recipient based on their behavior or custom variables, increasing engagement.


Cross-channel journeys

Create journeys that span all your channels - including marketing automation and digital banking.

Real-time triggers

Respond to customer actions instantly, enhancing their experience and boosting engagement.

Journey templates

Implement pre-designed customer journeys that drive new account onboarding and activation.

Multi stage journeys that reach your customers over time on multiple channels
Analytics and reporting that shows the return on investment (ROI) for all your campaigns across all your channels


Campaign ROI visualization

Access clear insights into your return on investment.

Business impact reporting

Easily report on campaign performance for your board, CEO, and team.

Omnichannel management

Optimize growth across multiple channels for better results.

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